Why Are You Trying To Kill Christmas?

You My Girl and All But…

So let me just start by saying I am a huge fan of traditional Christmas music. Sometimes I find myself putting on my favorite Christmas album at least four months before it’s even cold enough to feel like anything near Christmas. It’s what I grew up on and it’s what makes Christmas special for me (besides time with family…of course lol). But my wife…HATES Christmas music. Well traditional Christmas music anyway. It literally has the opposite affect on her than it has on most people. She goes from jolly to full on Grinch in under three seconds ( a world record I’m sure). I mean this was a conflict for me last year and I didn’t know how are relationship would survive this shocking discovery (I get a little over dramatic during the holiday season). I’m like ‘yo you my girl and all but…why you tryna kill Christmas’. I’m praying to God asking him ‘why would you give me someone who doesn’t like Christmas music, you know what this means to me Jesus lol. So of course this year I started playing some Christmas music, hoping she had a change of heart and saw the light that is the glory of Christmas music. She didn’t. But honestly as I was listening to one of my favorite Christmas albums I thought to myself, ‘I’m a little tired of the same songs every year too’. I know, shocking right?

Alternative Holiday

Well out of the blue my wife started playing some Christmas music this morning but, it was different. She found an “Alternative Holiday” playlist on Apple Music and ultimately a solution to our conflicting opinions on Christmas music. It was definitely a breath of fresh air from the traditional Holiday songs, with a mix between original Christmas tunes and some remixed classics. We both found ourselves really enjoying it and vibing to the new discovery of good music for the holidays. I mean it’s the best of both worlds. It gives you Christmas music but it’s also an alternative to the norm with a few remixed classics thrown in there. Christmas won’t be “killed” this year after all. So if you’re also tired of the same ol’ same ol’, I honestly recommend this playlist to anyone searching for something a little different during the Christmas season. Something that can keep you jamming and keep you in the holiday spirit! Or just search for your own alternatives to traditional Christmas music but remember there’s nothing wrong with a little “Jingle Bells” thrown in there from time to time. ~ Brandon

Hey, what are some of your favorite Christmas songs? Do you dislike traditional Christmas songs too? What do you recommend for the Christmas season? Drop a comment below! Here are a few of my favorite Christmas albums.

  1. Merry_Christmas_Mariah_Carey“Merry Christmas” (Mariah Carey)
  2. MichaelBuble-Christmas(2011)-Cover“Christmas” (Michael Bublè)
  3. Harry Connick Christmas“Harry For The Holidays” (Harry Connick Jr.)
  4. Israel Christmas“A Timeless Christmas” (Israel & New Breed)
  5. B2m-christmas-interp“Christmas Interpretations” (Boyz II Men)



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  1. Well my husband thinks I am a grinch too..it’s not that I don’t like Christmas…..I just hate how people go all in debt for Christmas or get depressed because that can’t give….I just believe we should not forget that we got the biggest gift ever, when God gave his only begotten son….I always tell my husband if you don’t get me anything for Christmas I am alright with that…..now my birthday that’s another story….whose birthday is it anyway at Christmas…..(Jesus)…..so why r we get n the gifts…..now my favorite Christmas song is……This Christmas……

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