The 5 Reasons I Do Not Like Valentine’s Day

Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘This is some clever way to get people to read his blog’. ‘He can’t really “not like” Valentine’s Day’ could he? ‘And he can’t be stupid enough to write a blog about it’. ‘There must be some kind of reverse psychology going on here’. Well this is no clever title to sucker people in to reading and then really give them reasons why Valentine’s Day is so “great” and “magical” and full of rainbows and unicorns and babies in diapers shooting heart shaped arrows at people’s butts (which is weird btw). This is actually my top 5 reasons why I DO NOT LIKE this “holiday”. I would say hate but hate is a strong word lol.

Reason #1 – It’s The Mother of All Non-Holidays 

That’s right I said it. V-Day is not a real holiday. I don’t get a paid off day. There’s no religious explanation I could give my boss to get a paid off day. I don’t get paid time and a half for working on V-Day (I want some kind of financial bonus lol). And where’s the feast. All real holidays come with truck loads of food and the stomach to match after eating it all in one sitting. I mean it’s not a holiday unless I’m struggling to make it out of bed the next morning. V-Day is definitely just a “Hallmark holiday”(Yes I’m that guy). A way to make money when there’s really no reason to be buying a card this time of year.

Reason #2 – V-Day Sucked In School

There’s no time you can feel like a bigger loser than you can on Valentine’s Day. I mean when you’re in class and teachers/students are bringing those carts around with secret admirer cards, and candy, and teddy bears, etc., you can’t help but think ‘dang…my own momma didn’t even send me anything. She could’ve at least acted like a secret admirer so I didn’t feel left out’. I mean even Nerdy Nancy got a teddy bear and some candy. Not only did I never receive anything on Valentine’s Day from anyone during my entire grade school career, but I was always to broke to send anybody something too. It was definitely a lose-lose situation for me (smh).

Reason #3 – The Way My Bank Account Is Setup

I mean seriously!!! Christmas was just less than two months ago. My bank account is still trying to recover from that damaging blow. Now you expect me to kill it off trying to prove my love. I guess a month and a half is too long a time to go without showing your spouse how much you love them through extravagant gift giving.

Reason #4 – It’s The Same Every Year

I mean really now!! How many times can you act surprised and “so loved” by a dozen roses and a teddy bear?? I honestly think ladies are just in it for the chocolate. They can indulge in it without feeling guilty because it was “in the name of love”. I’m like I can buy you flowers and candy anytime of the year. Shoot we can go to a chocolate factory and you can be like a kid in a candy store (see what I did there lol).

Reason #5 – I’m A Christian

Most of the “holidays” we celebrate are deeply rooted in pagan traditions. Valentine’s Day is no exception to this. That’s right, I’m going there. I’m pulling the “holier than thou” card. I mean we have to ask ourselves, what would Jesus do? Does Jesus celebrate pagan holidays? Look! I’m just trying to be a good Christian. And what does a fat baby in a diaper shooting arrows have to do with Jesus anyway? Huh?

Well with all that said, I bought my Valentine’s Day gift two days ago, and I plan on taking my wife out for dinner. You know why? Because no matter how I feel about V-Day, I love my wife and want to see her happy, but above all…I want peace in my house lol. What do you think about Valentine’s Day ? Do you love it, hate it, or do you not care either way. Comment below and share your thoughts on it. And don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you guys and be blessed.



  1. Hate is a strong word but I do not do Valentine’s Day. I’m very frugal and don’t feel like it’s financially responsible to waste money on over priced cards and candy. They don’t even have .47 cards for Valentine’s Day at Walmart!

    My son’s school is having a “friendship” party which I bought Valentine’s for. He’ll enjoy it because of the candy. I won’t tell him it a waste of money. But my husband and I dont exchange gifts or go out. We did when we dated but it’s kind of required then I guess. If I need to be reminded of his love, I just look at the ring he put on my finger 7 years ago or him cleaning the kitchen because he knows I’m tired.

    • Hey Jasmine!! Thanks for commenting. Let me say I 100% agree with your statement lol. I honestly feel like when you’re married there’s better ways to show your love. Like you said the fact that we’re married is one way. And helping out around the house when you see your wife is overwhelmed is definitely a big way of saying I love and appreciate you!!

  2. Valentine’s Day is unnecessary…..if we are loving one another all year long we do not need one day to show it……it’s just another money making holiday and we fall for it every year……if my husband buys me nothing for Valentine’s Day I am fine with it….b cuz he shows me his love everyday…..and I try to do the same……I am not going to say I hate it….but I can do without it…..that’s my point of view….

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