Studio Sessions – Recording “Freedom In You” (Brandon Moore)

Hello readers this blog will be a little different. Even though I am writing a few words, this blog will actually be my very first VLOG(Video Blog) *cue applause* lol. Yes that’s right, in the video below you will get to see me on camera for the very first time. But I won’t just be doing random things. If you’ve read my description or looked at my “About Me” page then you know that I am a recording artist, producer, musician and songwriter! This video is a behind the scenes look at me recording my upcoming single “Freedom In You”. I hope you guys enjoy it and there will be more VLOGs coming your way!!!


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    • Hey Mrs. Rawls. Thank you so much….im trying to get out there and really get this music going!!! Oh if you can subscribe to this blog. Thanks

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