Prayer Vs. Action

By now I’m sure you all have heard or have seen the horrific video of a black man named Alton Sterling being MURDERED by a police officer. And I’m sure you’ve all had mixed emotions about it. I know I have. In the last 24 hours I’ve felt sad, hateful, upset, furious, in disbelief, and fearful. I’ve also had questions that I can’t seem to find the answers to. Questions like how do men who are sworn to protect and serve so carelessly take human life? Why are those who are trained to be able to disarm a man or shoot without killing conveniently forget what they know when it comes to black men? Why are they shooting to kill? Why are they murdering these men without cause or provocation? So many thoughts have been swirling around in my head. I couldn’t stop thinking about my wife yesterday and our unborn son she’s carrying. I couldn’t stop thinking about him growing up in a world where he’s discriminated against and targeted just for having a darker pigmentation than other people. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could teach him everything about being respectful, loving God, obeying the laws of this land and he could still end up being killed because he was wearing a hoodie walking through the wrong neighborhood! And then I thought of myself. I am a black man! I am a black man in a country that doesn’t value black life. So what happens the next time I’m stopped by a white cop who’s having a “bad” day? What happens when a tail light being out turns into my son growing up without a father? Having to watch his dad’s name be dragged through the mud by the media. Watch people try to justify the murdering of his dad that he’ll never get to see again?

This last couple of days has had me torn between being a godly Christian man and wanting to tear some stuff up. This is why I named this post “Prayer Vs. Action”. I’ve been warring with being spiritual and wanting to let God handle things versus being a black man in this country and wanting to take action. This isn’t a clever post where I’m going to give some resolution to this inner battle at the end of this blog post. It’s a real dilemma that many of us who profess Christianity but also happen to be black face. What do we do? What can we do? What action can we take? Should I just pray for protection of my family? Hope for my future son to be kept safe in a world that would rather see him dead. This won’t be a long post and I’m sure it won’t be my most popular but I had get my thoughts out. They were consuming me and all I knew to do was to write them down!! My prayers definitely go out to the family of Alton Sterling and I will never stop praying and believing that God can and will protect my family. But I’m also a black man in America! An angry black man in America! A black man who wants to take action in America! A black man who wants to see justice in America!

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  1. Wow….I’m torn as well. And I just feel like God is calling Me to trust in my savior! And trust in Him. He has already demonstrated his power so many times in the bible, destroying all life but those he chose, healing people from sickness and disease, keeping people from lions and fire, leaving them unharmed. While the world and the “he” who is influencing it are dragging our minds to independence. God keeps calling ME to do the hardest thing right now and that’s to trust in him, trust in his power, trust in his love, trust that he will change or remove things and people, trust he will defeat the enemy all for me, who loves Him. All for you and everyone else who trust and believes. But again I say this is what I feel he is calling ME to do. God probably will use someone, somebody somewhere. But that will be there calling! Everyone is not called to do the same thing. It’s normal to be angered by this it’s normal to want change but I’m going to depend on the same one who has changed every other thing in my life time after time after time again!

    • Wow. Thank you for this comment. And I really appreciate this perspective. The perspective that all Christians should have no matter how hard it is right now to see it that way. God definitely has the final say and its him who will make change, real change happen!!

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