Leave The One You’re With

Most of us have heard the phrase or statement, “love the one you’re with”. That statement meaning, stay with the person you’re with, work it out, the grass isn’t greener on the other side, stop looking elsewhere and love the person you’re already in a relationship with, etc. I actually agree with this phrase 100%, if you’re married! You should definitely work it out and love your spouse. This post is about those that are not married but in a  bad relationship. This one is for the unmarried folk lol. I want you to leave the one you’re with! Seriously!

Let me explain why I want you to leave the one you’re with. First I have a few questions that I want you to ask yourself regarding the relationship you’re in.

Is It Benefitting You Spiritually?

This is the first and most important question you could ask yourself. If the person you’re in a relationship with isn’t bringing you closer to God then you need to re-evaluate that relationship. Nobody should hinder your relationship with God. If God isn’t being put first than you’re running a relationship solely on human standards and qualifications and not on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Being in a relationship without God leading the way, is a relationship that could end up anywhere. It has no clear direction and no clear definition of right and wrong. It’s only being run on human feelings and emotions and that is a dangerous thing!

Is It Benefitting You Emotionally?

Are you constantly feeling emotionally drained? Are you constantly trying to get approval or feel loved? If you’re being belittled or talked down on or constantly  being told you’re not good enough, whether verbally or by their actions, you need to seriously think about leaving the one you’re with. You should never have to feel like nothing you do is good enough. You should never have feel worthless in a relationship. Whoever you’re with should always look to build you up emotionally. Always looking for ways to validate you and not ways to break or tear you down. Depression and oppression is not the norm in a relationship. And it won’t get better if you get married. See the signs and get out of there before its too late.

Is It Benefitting You Physically?

The physical can be your health. Are you finding yourself constantly stressed out, gaining or losing weight rapidly? Are you losing sleep and peace over this relationship. Peace is so important in any good relationship. If you don’t have peace now, don’t think it’ll somehow magically appear in your life when you get married. It won’t!!! If the relationship you’re in is taking it’s toll on you physically and it’s starting to affect your everyday life and maybe even your job performance when you’re at work or especially if it’s physically abusive, it’s time to strongly consider leaving the one you’re with.

There’s one more question I want you to ask yourself. And this is one you may have to think long and hard about. Is the relationship worth it? After asking yourself the above three questions and after deciding that the relationship isn’t meeting any of these things, it still may be hard to bring yourself to leave the one you’re with. So you need to truly ask yourself, is this relationship really worth my spirituality, my emotional stability, and my physical health? Only you can answer this, but you must be truthful with yourself when answering it.

Thank your for reading this blog post. This one was a little more serious because I believe there’s so many people out there staying in detrimental relationships because they don’t think they can leave or they think it’ll get better. If it hasn’t gotten better it most likely won’t. And the only one that can change it for the better is you. If you’re not married to this person, you have no obligation to stay there. Leave the one you’re with!!! There’s better for you. If you enjoyed this blog or found it interesting, please comment, subscribe and share! Be blessed!


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