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One of the most popular tv shows in the world right now is a show on HBO called “Game of Thrones”. My wife and I became hooked on this show just last week and have been binge watching for hours at a time. I know I know, we’re literally wasting life away but I mean come on. If you’ve ever seen the show you’d understand lol. The great character development, the action, betrayal, suspense and the english accents will have you wanting more, even after you’ve just finished five episodes. One of my favorite themes and one of the most interesting to me about the show is one that may be overlooked by most. But it’s the emphasis and importance put on the legacy of your family name. There’s almost nothing more important than the protection of your family and the protection of your family name. I know that may not seem that huge to many, but for me it was eye opening. It really got me thinking. As a husband, a father, and the head of my household, how much emphasis do I really put on the legacy of the family name. Do I really understand what it means to be the protector of our house? And then I started thinking about our generation and culture today. What are we as husbands, fathers, and men doing to build and uphold our family name. What will our legacy be?

So many men today are finding it easier and easier to just get up and walk out on there family. I’m not saying that they are just getting up and leaving without any notice, you know the whole I’m going to the corner store for milk and never coming back bit. But what I’m saying is that a lot of men are taking the easy way out of divorce. They’re saying I don’t want do this any more, and I want out of this situation I’m in. We all know someone who is divorced or may have experienced it ourselves. I myself am a product of a broken home. My parents separated when I was young and eventually got a divorce. There’s a problem with this notion of men leaving their families. The problem is that once you leave you’re no longer able to effectively protect your family! You’re no longer able to build the legacy of your family name with your wife and children. Your household is now broken and is vulnerable and open to all kinds of attacks. It can now be overrun or taken by the enemy. You’ve failed to do your duty and your legacy is now in danger. There’s a popular family in “Game of Thrones” whose hometown was captured and destroyed all because none of the men were there to protect it. The ‘Lord’ of that house (which was the father) was away from home taking up residence somewhere else. The events that transpired because of this were a little more drastic than today’s divorce, but it showed how catastrophic it can be when a man decides to leave his family. It can literally destroy the home.

Family legacy is not something we speak on a lot in today’s culture. It’s almost an afterthought or not a thought at all. But in this show, the legacy of a man’s family name is almost more important than family itself. To make sure that when you’re dead and gone you leave behind something for your children to continue to build upon. Even the Bible talks about the importance of leaving an inheritance for your children. All the way up to your children’s children

22 A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children,
    but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous. – Proverbs 13:22 (NIV)

No matter what you will leave a legacy. What that legacy will be is dependent upon you. You can leave a legacy of divorce and absence. A legacy of being another statistic of a man who left his family. Or you can leave a good legacy. An inheritance for your children. Teaching and raising your children to obey and respect the teachings of God. Giving knowledge and wisdom. Building something that you can pass down even to your children’s children.

There’s one more thing that me and my wife thought was beautiful and inspiring when watching “Game of Thrones”. It’s something that they do in their marriage ceremony. During the ceremony the man is asked to put a cloak over his bride signifying that she is now under his protection! Wow! I almost wish we did this at our wedding! Once you marry, your wife is now brought under your house and protection. It is your duty upon all else to make sure that nothing ever happens to her. You are to be her provider, spiritual leader, and her protector. As you submit to God she is to submit to you. And you are supposed to love her as Christ loves the church. I believe if we put emphasis on this as men it would make it harder for us to just walk out and leave our wife vulnerable. How can we protect something if we’re not there? How can we lead if we give up? How can we create a godly legacy for our family if we don’t show ourselves as a godly example?

It’s not often that watching a tv show inspires me to look at myself as a husband and a father. But I believe it’s time for us as men to stand up and take our responsibilities as ‘lord’ of our household more seriously. To put the importance of protecting our family and building a legacy over all else. Just imagine what future generations could be if we took it upon ourselves to teach and show our children what a true “protector of the realm” is. What a true man of God stands for! Let’s leave a great inheritance! Let’s build a godly legacy!

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it encourages us all to be better husbands to our wives and better father’s to our children. Let’s show the world that walking out isn’t an option. We will be the leaders and protectors of our families that God intended us to be. Please comment your thoughts on this below, and share with someone. Don’t forget to subscribe. Love you all and God Bless!


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