Encourage Your Husband During Pregnancy!

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As women, when we are pregnant, we just have so many hormones going crazy in our bodies that we sometimes become impatient. And a lot of the time the main person getting the short end of the stick is our husbands. So we should try to step back at times and just show our husbands some affection and some affirmation. So I’m going to give some tips and ideas on things you can say and do to show your hubby just how amazing he is!


A lot of times in pregnancy we need help because we can’t lift things or we are too tired. So for those moments when we ask our husbands for help with something, rather it be something heavy or a task, try to make it a big deal when you say thank you! Don’t just leave it at those two words. Try something like “Wow babe, you’re doing so much to help me, I really appreciate you helping me with (____blank____) I don’t take it for granted!” Then just fill in the blank with the specific thing he did so that your “thank you” and appreciation doesn’t become generic and it’s more memorable for him!

Affirmation: Emotional support or encouragement!

Sometimes for our mate, being a husband is difficult enough! It can be a lot of pressure and to top it off you’re pregnant and more needy and moody! (I mean there is an entire human growing inside of you). Sometimes I can see how exhausted my husband is after work and yet he still pushes through to try and be there for me. So at those moments when I can tell he needs a small break I try to say and do something just to let him know I see what he’s going through and I appreciate him working so hard. I may say something like “Babe I know you’re tired and I think you’re doing an amazing job, don’t worry about the (___blank___) today. You have already done so much, just relax today we can deal with that tomorrow!” Even though we are pregnant and our bodies need a break sometimes we have to remember our husband is going through this journey as well. He will most definitely need a break as well. You don’t want him to get too burnt out and/or get down in the dumps.

Affection: A feeling of Love.

This one is the easiest and it makes both of you feel good! When you’re home or grocery shopping or just out and about with your husband just stop and wrap your arms around him and give him a warm hug but don’t let go make it a little bit longer than usual. It really is a stress reliever and it is a physical reminder of your love and appreciation for him. You can also just gently rub his back maybe while your riding in the car or while your sitting on the couch or in bed. Really you can do that anywhere. That constant gentle touch let’s him know that you appreciate his presence and let’s him know that you love him. I mean who doesn’t like a gentle touch or back rub!
Another way to show affection is lots of kisses! Kisses on the cheek, kisses on the hand, the forehead and of course the lips! Trust me he’s going to love it.

If you try all of these tips with your husband it will most certainly encourage him to either continue to do all these great and helpful things for you or it will encourage him to start!

In what ways do you show your husband encouragement during pregnancy! Or just let us know what you think and if any of these tips were helpful!

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  1. That was awesome and needed for spouses today..
    If we do these tips I am sure the pregnancy will go great for both…very wise words….

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