Artist Spotlight: Stanley Rimpson Jr.


Anyone who knows me or anyone who’s read my ‘About Me’ page, knows that I am not only a musician, but I love love love great music. I love hearing and discovering new sounds from new and upcoming artists. This is definitely the case for Stanley Rimpson Jr.’s new single “Politics”. In my first “Artist Spotlight” post I’m giving the shine to this track that gives a nod to some of the greats of the past. There’s definitely some Hendrix going on here. Which doesn’t come off as cheesy or poser-ish, but Rimpson Jr. pulls it off in an original and captivating way. It’s not often you hear an artist who knows what he wants to do and who he wants to be from the very beginning. From the calm but hypnotizing vocals to the laid back psychedelic groove, Rimspson Jr. knows exactly where he’s trying to take you. The soaring wah infused guitar solo at the end just brings it all together.  But for me you need more then good vocals and a “dope” beat. For me it’s a must that there be great lyrics, that there’s some conviction in what you’re trying to convey in your music. This is done almost effortlessly in “Politics”. In a time where wars are being waged all over, countries are in civil war, and our very own country is fighting against prejudice and race issues, this song couldn’t come at a better time. Watch for this artist coming out of Joliet, Illinois. “Politics” will take you on a journey, and if you free your mind and just allow the music to carry your thoughts you will find yourself asking, “what is this?” and “is it all just ‘Politics'”.

Click on the link below to check out Stanley Rimspon Jr.’s “Politics” for yourself. You can also download it for free! Let me know what you think by commenting below. Don’t forget to Subscribe!!! Be blessed!

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    • Yea he’s a good artist. And he’s a really good musician. I’m glad he allowed me to do this Artist Spotlight on him. Check out the rest of his music on his soundcloud when you get a chance

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